Gen Yadaba is a youth group dedicated to the preservation and conservation of land and resources in their area.

They are a group of 17-35 year olds interested in raising awareness about environmental issues

Based on the Capricorn Coast, CQ

Yadaba means respect in Dharumbal
Respect for country, laws, lores, customs, protocols and each other
Gen = Generation
GenYadaba = Generation Respect

Aims of the group

  • To create a platform from which young people can contribute to the future of our local area
  • To facilitate youth involvement in the community in order to create social and environmental change
  • To educate local youth demographic to create sustainable engagement for future
  • To aspire to facilitate relationships of cross cultural interaction, sharing and learning


Island Eco-Challenge

North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre

Marine Parks

 Social Activities




Cultural Awareness Events






Mulambin Project

  • Indigenous Awareness
  • Weed Management
  • TC Marcia
  • Re vegetation
  • Community Open Day