Currently, Capricornia Catchments major funding program is the Australian Government’s Reef Rescue initiative, which aims to reduce sediment entering the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon and thus protect this national icon.

Capricornia Catchments (and formally FRCC) have funded a range of projects in the past including:

Grazing Projects

  • Riparian/Wetland Fencing and watering points to protect riparian areas and reduce erosion
  • Land type fencing to manage land within its grazing capacity
  • Fencing to protect areas of Semi-Evergreen Vine Thicket
  • Coastal fencing to manage sensitive coastal ecosystems
  • Property planning to encourage holistic property management











Capricornia Catchments would like to hear from landholders wanting to make improvements on their property and interested in investigating what help is available.



Horticultural Projects

Pineapple Patch Commercial horticulturists may be eligible for incentives for on-ground works to improve water quality and reduce soil erosion, and are encouraged to contact Capricornia Catchments for further information.

GrowCom Field officers work with Capricornia Catchments and Growers in the sub region to develop these projects.

Growers are supported to undertake Growcom’s Farm Management System (FMS) water quality risk assessment module during the project. This module is aimed at developing holistic property management.






For further information on the types of projects which could be eligible for funding, please contact Mr Robert Doyle at GrowCom: 07 4153 2555 or email or the Capricornia Catchments office.






Examples of activities that landholders could undertake are:

  • controlled traffic
  • inter-row management and soil cover
  • contour management
  • headland, drain and waterway management
  • integrated pest management
  • alternative pest management methods
  • improved application technology
  • variable rate application
  • fertigation
  • organic nutrient sources
  • irrigation system assessments
  • irrigation system improvements
  • improved irrigation application
  • storm water structures
  • alternative bed mulch

Landholders with an interest in receiving funding for eligible on-ground works should complete the expression of interest form below.

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