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Australian Stingless Bees

News item posted at 9:39 am on the 11th November, 2015

Pollination by wild bees is important for the productivity of many horticultural crops including: strawberries; macadamias and other nuts; avocadoes; coffee; cocaco; Lucerne; clover; oil seed and biofuel as well as vegetables. Studies in the United Kingdom indicate that wild bees are responsible for 60% of crop pollination. Other research has shown that the economic value of retaining even small patches of native vegetation for bee habitat, as well as providing other essential ecosystem services, is greater than that of clearing and farming that area of land.

South Americans and Mexicans […]

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Indian Myna Bird

News item posted at 9:34 am on the 11th November, 2015

How Two Darling Downs Retirees Are Winning The War Against The Indian Myna Bird…

Inglewood residents Bob Lindner and Darryl Bleach have been setting bird traps around the small town to trap the Indian myna bird for the past two years. These aggressive birds have been outnumbering and displacing native species. The men noticed that the natives breeds were disappearing after the arrival of the Indian myna including the town mascot, the pale-faced parrot. The Queensland Murray Darling Committee discovered that manual trapping was the ideal way of eliminating the birds and that […]

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Be Croc Wise

News item posted at 10:34 am on the 8th October, 2015

Our Crocs Are On The Move

As The Weather Is Heating Up So Are Our Crocodiles
Crocodiles are potentially dangerous. Never take unnecessary risks in crocodile habitat. You are responsible for your own safety, so please follow these guidelines and be croc wise in croc country.

Obey crocodile warning signs – they are there for your safety and protection.
Never swim in water where crocodiles may live even if there is no warning sign present.
Swimming or standing in water above knee-height near a crocodile warning sign or where estuarine crocodiles are frequently seen, is […]

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Shake, Rattle And Roll

News item posted at 12:20 pm on the 29th September, 2015

Stop The Shake, Rattle And Roll

Doug Ward an inventor from North Queensland has devised a way of safely recycling chemical containers. Eliminating the rigorous process of shaking, rotating and rolling the containers for cleaning, the ‘triple rinser’ saves time, energy and money and ensures that the drums pass the strict standards set at collection points. Not only helping and protecting farmers from spills and splashes, it also benefits the environment as the contaminated water is collected and can be reused effectively on the farm.

Farm invention takes the shake, rattle and […]

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Accelerated Grazing BMP

News item posted at 10:37 am on the 22nd September, 2015

Accelerated Grazing BMP – Alton Downs

24 & 25 October, 2015

Join Our Group Of Six Speakers And Presenters Who Can Help You With Herd And Land Management. Highlighting Ways To Improve Nutrition, Genetics, Record Keeping And More. This Workshop Will Be Valuable For The Future Of Your Operation.

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Beef Genetics Update And Refresher Day – Duaringa

Technology And Practices That Apply Across Breeds
Learn how genetics can be used to improve the profitability of your herd.  We would like to encourage participants to bring along bull catalogues or EBV information they have collected on bulls for further analysis.

If you’re interested in attending the Duaringa workshop RSVP –  Byrony Daniels, DAF—0427 746 434.

View the following flyer for details

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Grains BMP Workshop, Kaiuroo

An enthusiastic group of growers recently attended a Grains Best Management Practice workshop held on farm at ‘ Kaiuroo’ in the Big Bend area of the Mackenzie River. The two day event was kindly hosted by Tom Emmery and Jenny McCamley of Ag Resource Management. The Grains BMP program provides an incentive for farmers to analyse and improve their operation.

The group answered questions on crop nutrition and soil fertility management, property design and layout, pesticide application, making best use of rainfall and integrated pest management; to identify whether their […]

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Soil Erosion Work At “Booroondarra”, Middlemount

Capricornia Catchments hosted a free erosion control workshop presented by Darryl Hill yesterday at “Booroondarra” Middlemount. Over twenty people attended for the day. Darryl says bad habits picked up by self-taught drivers are costing the pastoral industry millions of dollars each year.

“Because there is no formal training, everybody just follows the previous examples,” he said.

“In the old days it was standard practice to put in v-drains, but they’ve now been acknowledged… as not being a very effective method. A flat bottomed, wide drain is a lot easier to install, and a lot more efficient.”

Darryl is one of only a few […]

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